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What if the raincoat is moldy and smelly?
Aug 02, 2018

When I used the raincoat last time, I forgot to put it in the bag without drying it. Now I took it out and saw it. It smelled a lot, it was so mild, and it was washed many times. Let's take a look at how to clean the raincoat's mildew and no smell:

1. Soak the raincoat in the washed rice water for one night, then wash it as usual, and the mildew can be removed.

2, first brush with a soft brush, then rub with alcohol, mildew can be removed.

3, repeated scrubbing with concentrated hot soapy water, mildew can go.

4, use green bean sprouts, then rinse with water, you can also remove mildew.

5, can be wiped with citric acid, then wipe with a wet towel.

6. It can also be scrubbed with mustard solution or borax solution (two tablespoons of mustard or two tablespoons of borax in one bucket of water).

7, rubbing with alcohol, and then dry! ~ After drying, wash it again with a dish towel.

Be careful not to shoot! The sun-dried raincoat gel will age and become brittle, and it must be washed with water and dried in the shade after washing with washing powder.

Rain can be hanged in the ventilated place after each pass; there is often an unpleasant smell on the raincoat. At this time, use a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide, infiltrate into a clear water, then soak the raincoat, and then stink after drying. The gas no longer exists.

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