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What is the material of the raincoat?
Aug 03, 2018

Raincoats are made of waterproof materials such as PEVA, PE, PVC, waterproof layers, etc., including (PTFE) waterproof and breathable laminate fabrics. There are more and more materials and styles of modern raincoats, but no matter how you change them, the nature of raincoats has never changed. That is, the raindrops will quickly gather into a small waterdrop and then flow away. This is the raincoat. Waterproof reason

Raincoat folding

The raincoat is tiled, the buttons are fastened, the two sleeves are folded to the front of the belly, the hat is flattened to the chest, and the raincoat is folded inwardly on both sides, and the desired width can be selected. At this point, the raincoat has grown into a strip shape, and the long strip is folded and folded, and it is finished, beautiful and portable.

Generally, it is determined according to the quantity and demand of customers. Fabrics, accessories, size, printing LOGO, etc. are all linked to the price. However, because Lideng raincoat is a processing factory, it is much more cost-effective than the products on the market.

The rain is going anyway, and I don't want to waste any chance of sculpt. When I was a child, I passed through the rain boots. When I grew up, I didn’t go through it. So I saw that there are so many raincoats and rain boots that you can go out elegantly. It’s still a surprise! Shenzhen Li Deming Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in raincoats for 12 years. The quality is as good as ever!

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