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What kind of raincoat should be worn on a motorcycle?
Aug 03, 2018

   As a motorcyclist, we don't think that it is very low to wear raincoats on rainy days. It is very cool to drive in the rain (small series is also like this in the past), but after a few colds, I learned it. The rain will hide from the rain, and the raincoat will wear a raincoat.


      The quality of the raincoats on the market and the unevenness in the use of the raincoats as a knight to choose their own raincoats? Here are some insights into the small series:

       First, model resolution raincoat variety

       Starting with your own model, this is a big condition.

       1, because a lot of friends have deep understanding, cross-bike and curved beam car (the model is less practical) when the rain (the position below the thigh) is basically urban wet, the shoes are also basically moisture. Xiaobian initiated the user group to use a split-type raincoat. After all, the split-type raincoat can completely enclose the whole person without affecting the manipulation. It can also use the integrated raincoat and a pair of long waterproof jackets.


       2, the pedal model can be described as a natural versatile friend of the raincoat. After all, what shape has a certain protection for the lower body, which is different from the riding of the cross-bike and the curved beam.

In addition, the scooter has a baffle on the front and the back, plus a narrow and wide body, it is not easy to be blown by the wind after the raincoat is put on, so it is possible to launch a simple one-piece raincoat.

It is not wise to ride a motorcycle on a rainy day without wearing a raincoat.

       Second, what fabric material and coated raincoat are used?

      This depends on the user's choice. Now the material of the raincoat is divided into three categories, the material is different, and the price is different. Consumers can purchase according to the actual situation:

1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used as the material: the semi-finished plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. This kind of raincoat is cheap, but it is easy to destroy.

2, polyester polyester spinning or through the material: the inner surface of the fabric is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer, the price is moderate, not easy to destroy, is the main material for raincoats.

3. Polyester silk or polyester fabric is used as the material: the inner surface of the fabric is coated with a waterproof and moisture-permeable PU coating, which can achieve good waterproof and breathable results. The drawback of this type of split raincoat is that the price is relatively expensive.


      The price of split-type raincoats ranges from tens of pieces to two or three hundred pieces. The launchers used raincoats that were either woven or polyester-coated with PU coating. The price was relatively high, but the quality was good and comfortable.

      Finally, matters that require special attention

      Due to the climate and weather changes in the motorcycle riding process, it may rain and may encounter nights. Therefore, Xiaobian strongly recommends using raincoats with reflective strips and choosing the size that suits you to protect you from the rain. Achieve maximum protection against the limits. Regarding the size, I chose to use a raincoat that is one size larger than my own clothes. This is more protective and more flexible.

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