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What kind of shoe cover is suitable for summer?
Sep 03, 2018

Shoe covers are a product we often use. If we work in a dust-free environment, such shoe covers are even more important. So how should we manage such items and how to make choices? Let's start with the most basic questions to discuss what kind of shoe covers should be worn in summer.

When we enter our own room, we will put on slippers. But what we should know is that in some special circumstances, it is difficult for us to guarantee that all of them are replaced with slippers. So in this case, we need to prepare some shoe covers. It is now in the summer, the weather is hot, the shoe covers are put on, the feet are not hotter, who can get it! Yes, this is very correct, because we should pay attention to some problems when purchasing this product:

1. Pay attention to the breathability of the shoe cover. In summer, the weather is hot. In order to ensure comfort, when choosing a shoe cover, we must choose those breathable shoe covers. Non-woven shoe covers are our best choice at this time.

2. Easy to use. If a guest visits, it will be troublesome to go to the shoe cover when entering the door. Maybe the guest’s heart is somewhat unhappy at this time, so we better have an automatic shoe cover machine or a very easy to wear shoe cover. The host and guest are comfortable.

3. Environmental sanitation. The purpose of using the shoe cover is to keep the house clean, but after maintaining the hygiene of the house, the environment outside the house is destroyed. Everyone knows that when a guest visits, they will take off their shoe covers when they leave, and they will be thrown away after taking off (except for non-disposable shoe covers), then the shoe covers will become garbage. Therefore, when choosing a shoe cover, we should choose the shoe cover made of environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. In addition, a trash can should be placed at the door of the house to facilitate the customer to handle the shoe cover after taking off.

Based on these questions, we should choose a non-woven shoe cover. It is made of high-quality non-woven material and has the characteristics of air permeability, filterability, water absorption, water resistance, flexibility, non-distraction, good hand feeling, softness, lightness, elasticity and resilience, so it is very suitable for summer use.

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