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What kind of shoe cover should I use in anti-static places?
Sep 03, 2018

When working in a static place, it is important to protect your feet. Some people may feel that static electricity does not cause any serious damage to their feet. In fact, this idea is wrong, because if it accumulates over time, the damage will be obvious. Ordinary shoes are not very effective in terms of anti-static or cold-proof and heavy-duty. In operation, it is mainly protected by anti-static shoe covers.

The disposable shoe cover is powerful for preventing static electricity, and is very suitable for the operator to wear when working. It can prevent the static stimulation of the feet during the operation, so that the feet are in a good security environment. Many people don't know how much static electricity hurts the body. Slight static electricity may only cause a little tingling, but if it is in a static static environment, the skin will be burned, and in severe cases, it will cause deeper damage and sometimes cause cardiovascular disease.

The anti-static disposable shoe cover can be isolated from static electricity. Its design is based on safety. The anti-static design of the shoe cover can easily and effectively release the static electricity of the body, so that the operator's body will not be affected by static electricity.

In general, it not only has the effect of preventing static electricity, but it is also very warm, because the conductive tape used can have an antistatic effect.

For some special fields, such as the electronics industry, LCD manufacturing, pharmaceutical products manufacturing, semiconductor industry, magnetic head manufacturing, chip manufacturing, optics, wafers and other production areas that require ESD and purification grades, Need an anti-static shoe cover. Not only for the employees of their own company, but more importantly, for the customers who come to visit the company, you can't always let the customers change shoes? At this time, if there is a pair of anti-static shoe covers for customers, it will be more convenient, and the feeling for customers will be different. Maybe this small detail is one of the factors that will help you to trade.

Some people may say that I use an insulated shoe cover and I don't need any anti-static shoe covers. actually not. The anti-static shoe cover has a weak conductive function, so that the static-static anti-static shoes accumulated on the human body can be introduced into the ground. The insulated shoes are made of an electrically non-conductive insulating material, and the shoes are used to isolate the person from the earth, so that even if the person is in contact with the electric conductor, there is no accident that the electric current passes through the body. The place where the anti-static shoes are used should be an anti-static floor, and the place where the conductive shoes are used should be an electrically conductive floor. In the northern region, the air is dry in winter, and it is easy to accumulate static electricity on people. Wearing anti-static shoes can prevent people from being exposed to static electricity. Insulated shoes are only used to repair electricians at work to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Therefore, it is very necessary to put on an anti-static shoe cover in an anti-static place.

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