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What kinds of raincoats are there?
Aug 02, 2018

Raincoats can be divided into three categories: the first is a raincoat, the second is a raincoat, and the third is a plastic raincoat. The style is also divided into single raincoat, double raincoat, second riding raincoat, hiking raincoat, one-piece raincoat, cardigan raincoat, raincoat, warning raincoat, reflective raincoat, disposable raincoat, etc.

Some raincoats have sleeves and some have no sleeves (ponchos). It is usually used to keep out the rain when it rains. It is covered on the body when you ride, and it is parked in the car. There is also a tourist to play when drifting, but it really seems to be useless to really play the water.

"Raincoat" is actually a kind of clothes that can be used to keep out the rain. It is usually made of cloth that can be waterproofed. If you want to classify your raincoat, the raincoat should be well maintained, otherwise the life of the raincoat will be shortened accordingly, and you cannot use its own value.

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