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What should I do when I encounter a guilty car during a rainstorm?
Aug 03, 2018

  According to statistics, as of June 3, the storms and floods since May 31 caused 381,700 people in 19 districts and counties in the city to be affected. Two people were killed by the disaster, two people were lost, and 9080 people were transferred to the crisis. There were 890 houses, and the total indirect economy lost 749 million yuan.

     Recently, heavy rains in southern China have continued, and some areas will be inflicted. Here, the editor of Nai Geyou reflective clothing reminds the public that once the internal paralysis occurs, personal safety precautions should be made. In particular, when water accumulates in the house, the power supply should be blocked in real time to prevent electric shock and injury, and to ensure the safety of the staff.

     So, what if we are guilty of driving in a rainy day?

     Driving in heavy rainy days should avoid areas and road sections where water is easy to accumulate. The public should understand the places where water is easy to accumulate, and move around so as not to encounter traffic jams or dead fires caused by accumulated water. Drivers should avoid the rush hour of work in the evening and carefully consider the night travel plan. Continuing the rainstorm climate, the underground parking lot can be flooded, so please pay special attention.

      When the car sinks in the water, it is necessary to shake the window and turn all the lights on as a distress signal. If the door does not open, it is necessary to cover the person inside the car above the water. When the water reaches the position of the chin, the water pressure outside the car will be lower. At this time, open the door and take a deep breath to swim on the water. If you can't open the door, you can smash the glass and climb outside. When escaping, passengers can be involved in each other, so that they will not close the door and avoid washing people away.

     The above situation must be something we don't want to encounter. So, how to avoid guilt when driving?

     The water in the road is squatting. Occasionally, the dregs block the rain on both sides of the road, and the ground rainwater cannot be quickly entered into the underground pipeline. The maintenance personnel of the municipal drainage pipeline will accept the temporary method to open the rainwater to accelerate the drainage according to the actual situation. During the driving process, please pay special attention to whether the rainwater on both sides of the road can be turned over to avoid traffic accidents.

     The low-lying residential areas of the inhabitants can accept the "small enveloping" method, such as building walls, arranging water retainers at the gates, and equipped with small pumps. Electrical outlets, switches, etc. in the bottom floor of the residents should be moved to a safe place more than 1 meter above the ground. Once the accumulated water has entered the house, the power supply should be blocked in real time to prevent electric shock and injury.

     If you drive a car, you can ride a bicycle. During the rainstorm, just don't go out. You can bypass the severe waters and walk in the water to watch it and prevent it from falling into the pit and pit. Residents living in bungalows should check the house and repair the roof before the rainy season. Watch out for mountain torrents when traveling in the mountains. When the upstream water suddenly becomes cloudy and the water level rises rapidly, special attention must be paid!

     In addition, as a professional brand of outdoor protective attire, Nai Ge You Xiaobian reminds broad netizens that when driving or cycling at night, just carry a set of raincoats with reflective strips on the road to be critical or temporary on the roadside. It can play a very good warning protection when docked!

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