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Where is the safety of electric raincoats?
Aug 03, 2018

The public knows that cycling in rainy days is very risky. Rain will deter our view of the road, which will make us unable to see clear road conditions when riding. This greatly increases the difficulty of people traveling in rainy days and makes people safe. Not guaranteed. Next, we will introduce an electric car safety raincoat for the public. Let's take a look at what kind of safety he has.

The electric raincoat will not be blown up by the wind when it is used. When the human body or the head rotates, the coat will not cover the eyes and affect the view. The bicycle raincoat is composed of a coat and a cover. The coat and the cover are integrated into the head and neck. The middle cover is provided with a sleeve on both sides of the shoulder. The sleeve is similar to the long sleeve of the popular clothes. . The front piece of the hood is located at the handshake of the bicycle faucet and has two sockets that are just the size for hand insertion. In order to have a better rain effect on the face when the epidemic progresses, a duck tongue can be placed on the forehead of the coat, similar to the duck tongue of the sun hat, which can be made of plastic sheets. In order to prevent the raincoat on the top of the coat from flowing to the face, a convex rib shape is formed at the edge of the opening of the coat cap, so that the rainwater flows along the side of the rib.

In order to make the coat more sensitive to the head rotation, two buckles, such as a strap or a buckle, are arranged on both sides of the chin of the coat cap. Fasten the strap or button when using.

The newly designed electric raincoat has fluorescent markings on the back of the garment cover, on the front chest or on the sleeves, so as to alert other vehicles when driving at night to avoid the occurrence of a car accident.

The appearance of electric raincoats makes people feel more comfortable on rainy days, sheltering people from the wind and rain, while also providing comfort and safety. Such a raincoat, I want the public city to want it.

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