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Which brand of Chaling's raincoat is better?
Jul 21, 2018

I heard that there are many factories that produce raincoats in Chaling County of Zhuzhou. Which brand of raincoats is better?

Zhuzhou is a Hunan clothing wholesale city. There are certainly many factories, including a raincoat factory. Zhuling County, Zhuzhou City is located in eastern Hunan. It is bounded by Changsha Nantong Guangzhou in the north, Hengyu in the west and Jiangxi in the east. It covers an area of over 2,000 square kilometers and is the only administrative county named after tea in Chinese history. It is one of the six counties of the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base, and the key counties of the Hunan-Jiangxi Revolutionary Base.

As for the set of raincoats of Chaling, there are really no big ones. They are some small factories. If you want to buy a raincoat, it doesn’t feel like a brand. The key is to work and good quality.

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