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Which fabric is more durable?
Aug 03, 2018

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) waterproof and breathable laminated fabric is made by using a special bead adhesive to laminate a PTFE microporous film with a common fabric through a lamination process. The fabric has excellent waterproof and breathable function and windproof and warmth, not only has very good functionality, but also has the advantages of wide application range, sensitive design and less pollution. Laminate Fabric Construction Laminate fabrics can be designed with different structural designs and composite layers depending on the needs of the end use. The two-layer composite can be combined with the film and the film, and the living structure can be selected. It can also be combined with the film and the living surface structure, which is easy to wash and is suitable for civilian sportswear and winter clothes. The three-layer composite is a combination of fabric and film with Rico. Although it is slightly harder, it can improve wear resistance and is suitable for military combat uniforms and protective clothing. The four-layer or multi-layer composite can increase the functionality of the laminated fabric, as a gas resistance layer, an anti-virus material for the liquid resistance layer, and a far-infrared cotton thermal insulation material. Both the face and Rico fabrics should have a certain density to avoid gelation of the bond. In order to control the total weight of the laminated fabric, the dough and the lining should be made of fine denier, superfine denier polyester or nylon. According to the application requirements, the face can also choose camouflage, flame retardant, anti-static, oil and water repellent, easy to remove cockroaches, acid and alkali resistant functional fabrics.

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