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Which is better for disposable shoe covers and homemade shoe covers?
Sep 03, 2018

With the development of society and the improvement of the economic level, people's demands for life are getting higher and higher. Especially for the health problems of their living environment. In order to keep the house clean, when you come to the guests, everyone likes to give the guests a pair of shoe covers. So is the homemade shoe cover good, or is it good to buy a disposable shoe cover?

Homemade shoe covers and a shoe cover can not say which one is better than which one, they have their own advantages.

The self-made shoe cover is an economical, environmentally-friendly and reusable shoe cover. It doesn't cost much. If the home has the best cloth, the color may be more abundant. The shoe cover may be more personalized. The flower cloth is made of women's, the plain flower cloth is made of men's style, the women's style can be made slightly smaller, the men's type can be made slightly larger, mainly need to buy some rubber band for sewing. The style of the shoe cover is to cut off the rubber band part of the disposable plastic shoe cover bought in the supermarket, and it will be found that it is a rectangular shape, and it can be cut according to the rectangular shape, but the part of the rubber band that is cut off is released. Those who have a little bit of sewing skills should be able to do it themselves, and finally put the rubber band into it, just fine. The trouble is that this shoe cover takes time to clean.

A shoe cover is generally made of PE, PVC or cloth. It is easy to use, wide in application range, different in material, and has different functions. It can be non-slip, anti-static and dustproof. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than the non-disposable shoe cover, and the handling is convenient, especially the non-woven shoe cover, which can be naturally degraded.

Xiaobian suggested that if you come to the guest at home, you can wear a homemade shoe cover and wear a disposable shoe cover (relatively beautiful). What is more important is that we don’t have to wash it ^_^......

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