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Which is better for shoe covers and slippers when customers visit?
Sep 03, 2018

In daily life, although there are few people wearing slippers, but now there are some pairs of slippers in the family, and it is not only convenient and quick to wear slippers at home, but more importantly, it will not stain the floor, so it is necessary to wear slippers at home. got used to. If the guest visits, is it for the guests to wear slippers or a shoe cover? Today Xiaobian said this to everyone.

When you visit, whether it is to change slippers or shoe covers, the purpose is to keep the house clean. Let's take a look at which of the two is better.

First, convenience

When you visit, the mood is very pleasant. When you change shoes when you enter the door, it seems that there is something more in your heart. The shoe cover is more convenient than the slipper cover. It is easy to save the time.

Second, whether it is hygienic

It is understood that in many families, it is not equipped with a pair of slippers for each member. Especially when guests come to the house at home, they can give a pair of slippers to the guests. This is a common practice. The family mixes slippers and spreads easily including blistering and dip. The ulceration type and the scaly keratinization type are sufficient.

When people are socializing, they are easily infected by bathing, pedicure, etc.; when they return home, they can also pass the footbath, slippers, and mixed clothes to others, especially when they are mixed with slippers. The biggest opportunity.

Therefore, the relevant people remind the general public that the slippers at home should be marked and made for personal use, especially in the summer, and the slippers should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When you come to the house, you don't have to change your shoes. You can hand a shoe cover to the guest and put the shoe up. This is good for both the host and the customer.

From this point of view, when guests visit, it is best to change the shoe cover for the guests.

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