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Which raincoat is right for your baby?
Jul 16, 2018

The rainy season is coming again. Have you prepared children's raincoats for your children? Looking at the rainy sky, they want to play in the rain! Give children a raincoat for children and let them have fun in the rain! As long as the children are happy and have something, what? More important than this! Let's see which raincoat is right for your baby?

1. The ruffled short raincoat, the designer is covered with fine flowers on the loose clothes. If you wear it to walk in the rain, the raindrops are like watering the flowers, showing a lively side and letting people’s mood It will also be pleasant. And wearing on the baby, the lively and active, they will make this raincoat more vivid.

2, polka-dot long raincoat, if you feel that the effect of short raincoats will be lacking, we also have a long wave of raincoats. Although the gray color is the main color of the body, but the pink dots are dotted on it, it seems that the raincoat is extraordinarily cute. And the A-type body allows the rain to spread out along the raincoat. This design prevents the feet from being wet by the rain. Imagine if your little princess was wearing such a polka-dot raincoat with black rain boots and walking in the rain with a small umbrella. What a lovely picture.

3, cloak-type super long raincoat, if this can not meet your requirements, the cape-type super long raincoat will attract your attention with its length advantage. In addition to the advantages of length, this raincoat is mainly a cute cloak, which can make the raincoat more perfect. If your baby is wearing such a raincoat, the mothers will no longer have to worry that he will be drenched by the rain.

These kinds of raincoats not only reflect the effect of rain prevention, but also are not old-fashioned. They reflect the trend everywhere. It is a wise move to add a child raincoat to your baby. I believe the baby will like it too!

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