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Why do you wear a safety raincoat on your bike? See how the British are prescribed.
Aug 03, 2018

       If you often watch British movies or TV shows, you will often find that on the streets of London, the helmets wearing safety helmets and gorgeous vests can be thought of as strange: "Do not ride a bicycle, use it. Is it all armed? Isn’t it a motorcycle ride?

       Indeed, Li Deming's safe raincoat editor believes that this is not for fashion, but for safety. On the other hand, this is also related to the local road conditions and policies in the UK.

       There are no special non-motorized lanes in the UK. The Traffic Law also stipulates that bicycles cannot be driven on the sidewalk and can only be "crossed" on the motorway. The streets in the UK are relatively narrow. The traffic section is on the left side of the busway (the British car is driving to the left). A bicycle driving area is drawn with a yellow line. The width difference is just a few passing through a bicycle. For safety, the traffic section requires cyclists to do the following two things:

       First, the rider must wear a reflective vest. In the winter of England, the squat is less than 4 o'clock in the dark, and a vest that reflects the car's lights is very necessary. If the rider does not wear a reflective vest and the traffic is not measured, the insurance company will not compensate. The riding reflective horse is made of a layer of reflective cloth. There is no thinness. As long as the size is different, it can be worn outside the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Children can buy a small vest to wear. Nowadays, more and more cyclists are also wearing reflective tapes on their ankles, and the goal is to remind the night vehicles to pay attention to themselves.

       Secondly, check if the car body is complete before going on the road. In particular, the lights and the bells are relatively small. At night, the British bicycle blue headlights and red rear lights are extinguished, and the car in both directions can be noticed far away.

       Seeing this, you can think about it. Our roads are left by motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. It doesn't matter if you don't wear them. Here, Li Deming NEGU editor wants to talk about my personal understanding, as an ordinary office worker, Xiaobian is also riding a bicycle to work, in the winter (such as now) more than five o'clock in the dark, on the way to work Cycling always thinks that it is not safe. It is not that someone is riding a car retrograde. It is that you can't see anything on the road.

       At this time, if you put on a reflective vest and vest, you will be promoted with a lot of "visibility". This is the case many times. It is not that others are tempted to hit you, but he really has no glimpse. Therefore, the British authorities mentioned above stipulate that it is scientifically necessary to wear a safety raincoat for cycling.

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