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Why don't you bring a disposable raincoat for the marathon on Sunday?
Jul 03, 2018

"Yesterday the rain was continuous, and this day was misty; Already entered autumn, still like spring warm. What a morning. " Yesterday morning at 6:02, yes, if you use a word to describe yesterday morning's weather, perhaps" ambiguous "is the most appropriate.
Since early yesterday morning, Hangzhou has been foggy. With thin rain filaments, in a misty water vapor, the minimum visibility in the urban area in the morning is only about 300 meters.
Today is the weekend, the road has been relatively congested, water fog to "add chaos", everyone should be careful driving, road, pay attention to safety.
Let's talk about rain. Since the heavy rain came out of nowhere the previous day, the rain did not seem to stop for a while.

PVC adult raincoat.jpgSeeing the weekend and the rain every day, it is really not a pleasant thing, especially this Sunday, the annual Hangzhou International Marathon will be held in the West Lake.

It seems likely that it will rain on Sunday. Whether you're going to a game or watching a game, a variety of rain prevention measures should be prepared early.
A friend of mine, who signed up for this year's marathon, was a little frustrated when he heard yesterday that it was going to rain, but he said to me online, "You can remind some of your running buddies. Especially in this marathon couples run, home run players, it is best to bring a disposable raincoat.
Light and thin disposable raincoats, can be rain, but also against the cold, in the warm-up exercise even just started to run, you can wear on the body, until running, the body is hot, and then take off.
In addition, I would like to share with you an easy joke: "Q: What if it rains when you run a marathon? A: It's raining. That's not easy. Just run faster. "
Oh, have a good weekend. If you go to the marathon, I wish you all the best.

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