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With a shoe cover on the gold toilet? Magical use of shoe covers
Sep 03, 2018

Recently, Hong Kong's high-tech gold latrines have been escaping from the world. It is reported that this valuable luxury latrine is made of 380 kilograms of gold, costing HK$38 million, and precious diamonds and natural jewels and more than 6,000 pearls in the lavatory. In order to favor the gold latrine, passengers who are convenient to the latrine need to wear a shoe cover to prevent scratching the golden floor. Many netizens are facing the high-priced latrines that have spit out "it is not too troublesome to bring a shoe cover to the last latrine." (June 25 Hebei Dynamic Network)

The gold latrine, costing 38 million Hong Kong dollars, so large-scale, large-scale construction of the latrine is sure to attract a lot of public eyes. In order to encourage encouragement, encouragement, encouragement, encouragement, encouragement, and attract tourists, Hong Kong's tourism industry has made a fuss about the latrine: as long as the accessories are over 3,000 yuan, you can go to the "Golden latrine" that is worth 38 million yuan and the world. Once, the time limit is 3 minutes. In compliance with the expectations of the organizers, this “Golden Laughing” will become a new hot spot for Hong Kong tourism after a big publicity and hot discussion. It will bring 500,000 to 700,000 turnover to the company every day.

Let’s not say that Fanbo’s users face the irrelevant words “golden” and “lao toilet” and form a “golden latrine” word, which is a spit on its luxury and applicability. And related to the dynamic click, the home page, search rankings, etc., it is successful. Then think about it, gold latrine, so what is it like?

At present, the social security has made the tourism industry grow and develop, and it has also increased the competition in the tourism industry. Convenient travel preparation gives people more choices about travel. A thousand Hamlet has a thousand finals. Every city chooses the right person and enjoys the travel preparation of the city. It is no longer confined to Hong Kong and Macao. Domestic, foreign, desert, island, group, free travel, pure tour, Shopping is not different. The "golden latrine", a large-scale work, succeeded in inspiring the masters. After the process, we learned at least that it is located in Minle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong. At least some of the addresses will be detected at certain times. As long as the accessories are over 3,000 yuan, we can go to the "gold" worth HK$38 million. The convenience of the latrine is still a viable idea.

So expected, this big fuss of breaking the high-priced toilet address marketing can not help but say that it is very hard work. While attracting passengers from the border, Hong Kong, South Asia and even more to Hong Kong, it has also accelerated the growth of Hong Kong's local tourism industry. Even in the various indicators such as shopping, play, and people's livelihood, we cannot help but convinced them. The high amount of decision-making is tricky. (clothing shoe net, Li Deming)

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