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Wu Yifan puts a 40-yuan raincoat out of the fashion coat, and it’s true that justice is justice.
Aug 02, 2018

Oh my God! This is actually a raincoat! It’s a raincoat! It’s a raincoat! (Important things say three times)

     I bought it, and a raincoat was so stylishly dressed by Wu Yifan. My friends and I were shocked!

     This is the style of Wu Yifan who appeared in the Yinchuan Recording Reality Show "Seventy-two-story Buildings". It may be that the conditions of the desert are difficult, so this raincoat with a price ranging from 40 yuan to 90 yuan has become the windshield of Wu Yifan. The props, just because this piece of Wu Yifan wore a raincoat of fashion style, it was really hot.


     Maybe even the raincoat I didn't think I would get a fire. This A-shaped one looks like a raincoat made of polyethylene. As a result, he presents a chic like a knight, but to be honest it is not expensive. However, it is indeed very fashionable to wear by Wu Yifan, which is very fashionable. This shows that raincoats can be worn not only in rainy days, but also as fashion items!

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