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Zhang Jie Chinese New Year has used more than 300 shoe covers
Sep 03, 2018

   Clean work is recommended, too many plastic shoe covers, not environmentally friendly

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    Plastic shoe covers scattered

    "You see, these more than ten shoe covers are 'discarded'. In the Spring Festival, my family has 'breaking banknotes' with more than 200 shoe covers. Even the clean workers in the community laughed and said that this is too environmentally friendly." After Zhang Jie, who was on the 85th floor of Datian Bay in Yuzhong District, separated the guests, he looked at the pile of plastic shoe covers that passed through the door.

    During the seven-day holiday of the Spring Festival, Zhang Jie spent his family at home. The family's New Year's Eve group was also in his home. Every day, friends and relatives came in and out, and the amount of plastic shoe covers drastically increased. "Specially bought 5 packs of 500 shoe covers before the festival. Yesterday I accidentally took an inventory. The effect scared me. There are only less than 300 shoe covers." Zhang Jie said, of course, there are slippers at home, but First, the number is not enough. Second, many customers are too troublesome to take off their shoes, or they are afraid of being infected with the disease. Therefore, they are used to monopolizing disposable plastic shoe covers when entering the house.

    Zhang Jie said that after the first five days of the first year of the year, more than a dozen students left their homes and threw a large number of shoe covers at the aisle. The next day, the community cleaned and smiled and went to the door to call: "This A few days ago, the shoe covers that you used at home were thrown around, maybe one or two hundred feet, too environmentally friendly.” Zhang Jie had to put a plastic basket at the door to collect the plastic shoes that the passengers took off after leaving. set. "Plastic shoe covers are not environmentally friendly, but if it is not exclusive, it is really not convenient for me." For plastic shoe covers, Zhang Jie can be said to love and hate.

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