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2018 National Distributor Summit And The First Order Conference
Aug 03, 2018

 On March 15, 2018, under the care of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the municipal authorities, with the full support of the Commerce Bureau, the Economic and Trade Bureau, the authorities and other relevant departments, Shenzhen Li Deming Raincoat Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony at the New Sun Hotel. In the 2018 National Distributor Summit and the First Order Conference, distributors from all over the country gathered together at the trade fair to share this trade association.

 At 8 o'clock on May 20th, the vast dealers gathered in the Lideng raincoat factory. The factory table was decorated with lights and lights. The company’s employees received warmth from the distant guests and introduced them to the company’s development history. Recent developments, interpreting corporate civilization.

Accompanied by our staff, the dealer partners visited the company's office and held close talks with our directors to deepen their understanding and trust. In the R&D new showroom, the dealer partners are watching the company's latest version in 2.18, facing the dazzling new products, and the voluminous dealer partners can't wait for a deeper understanding, and the R&D colleagues are also enthusiastically answering them one by one. The company product issues they care about. Subsequently, accompanied by the production manager, the dealer partners walked into the production workshop to visit the product production line, and watched the production process, and carefully understood the company's production.

 At 13:00 on May 20th, at the beginning of the order fair, Li Deming brand pioneer, Li Deming raincoat He Li Deming chairman straightforward, sincere words touched the audience, a few simple words for all the people Expressed gratitude and made a look forward to the dealers present here, summoning the vast dealers to make continuous progress and bravely move forward.

The development of the company has left the support of the authorities. Li Deming has the honor to invite Professor Liu, the deputy mayor of Shenzhen Municipality, to come to our meeting. I am very grateful to Vice Mayor Liu for his wonderful speech. From the speech of Mayor Liu, we can see In the hope, we have resolute confidence and believe that under the full support and care of the city authorities, we will provide better policies and the latest trade information for the company's rapid development.

During the period, the chief designer of Li Deming exchanged the company's existing products and newly opened products with the distributor partners. The focus is on the diamond shape series, 8135, 9152/913, the new five sets/new 335, the new product camouflage series, the new product color matching series, and the new product color matching raincoat suit, sea gel series poncho.


Subsequently, Vice President Pan Mingxia discussed the marketing strategy of “Li Deming”, and systematically notified the company's overall brand operation thoughts, including media strategy, advertisement placement and terminal establishment, to the dealers, which greatly promoted the dealers. Product enthusiasm and expectations for 2.18 years.


The order meeting will accept the combination of display, sale and ordering, accepting consistent exhibitions, displaying brands and special features. In order to produce better products and facilitate the dealers to order more directionally, this ordering conference has produced a lot of new models, using physical objects, pictures, photos and audio-visual materials, and common professional R&D staff and business staff. Detailed explanation and initiation of the product. New audio media is invited to follow up on the status, features and business conditions of the order fair.

The new products published on the spot at the meeting were unanimously recognized and evaluated by the guests. Li Deming's promotion of product research and development and production capabilities has made the on-site dealers and supplier partners fully determined, fully understanding the establishment and development status and development potential of Lideng raincoats over the years, and foreseeing the great business opportunities and bright future. In the future, there will be a lot of orders for the heart type.

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