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A Raincoat Is Exchanged For 20 Pieces, And I Will Never Forget It.
Aug 02, 2018

Last month, when Mr. Ye from Shandong went to the Beijiaoshan Jiajiayue Supermarket to buy it, it suddenly rained. At the moment when he was about to be drenched, the driver of 366 gave Mr. Ye a disposable raincoat because this one The raincoat made Mr. Ye very moved and was not wet by the rain.

After returning home, Mr. Ye decided to return to the bus company, so he bought 20 raincoats and sent them to the office of the second branch of Shibei Bus.

A piece of raincoat gives back 20 pieces, indicating the progress of this society. Everything has its own cause and fruit, and it will be remembered if you remember it!

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