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A Woman Crossing The Raincoat Without A Raincoat Waiting For The Red Light
Aug 03, 2018

A netizen's driving recorder took the video: At the intersection of a traffic light, the rainy weather did not wear a raincoat. The battery car was waiting for the red light at the intersection of the women. The rain was drenched and there was no red light. Suddenly there was a touch.

This is a manifestation of a strong sense of law, responsible for a life attitude towards one's own life, and also a manifestation of being responsible for others. Because of the heavy rain, the roads of the roads are not good. Especially in places where the red street lights are concentrated, the heavy rain may bring people a sense of urgency. If you go to the red light at this time, it is easy to have an accident. Even if there is no accident at this intersection, the next intersection, the next intersection, can you guarantee that the goddess of fortune will always stand on your side?

The netizens liked it and praised the beauty of the battery car.

Someone ridiculed: the video driver only cares about the video and does not know how to send a raincoat.

Someone responded seriously: Is it worthy of praise? ? Is this not normal? Still don't know how to send a raincoat? Do you have a raincoat in your car? Umbrellas are not necessarily there. Besides, it is harmful to send an umbrella under heavy rain.

Shouldn't you find a place to shelter from the rain at this time?

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