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Chimelong Waterpark Raincoat
Aug 02, 2018

The weather in Guangdong has started to heat up slowly in May. In Guangzhou, where the average temperature is over 30 degrees, summer is the most sad season, staying at home and blowing. The fan will also be sweating constantly, blowing air conditioners, and it is easy to get air-conditioning sickness. It is the most refreshing to go out to play with water in such a day.

  In 2017's new water season, we will continue to provide visitors with refreshing water equipment and youthful water show. In addition to the huge “heatport” of new equipment imported from the United States, in the new year, Chimelong Waterpark will upgrade the original day show to a grand party, with a skilled team of water trappers. The leading water show party is to ignite the passion of tourists! At the same time, as the world's more popular outdoor heated water park, the all-parks of the Chimelong Water Park are warm water, plus the top ten hot water massage pools throughout the park.

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