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Cool Dance Of Haro Cycling Raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

At around 5 pm on July 1, there were more and more pedestrians on the road. In the pedestrian street of Huaihe Road in Hefei City, a group of cool dancers wearing Holo cycling logo raincoats stood in a good formation, without being noticed by passers-by. With the dynamic music that suddenly sounded, a wonderful performance began. The youthful and stunning dances allowed the passing people to stop and clap their hands. Everyone took out their mobile phones and cameras to capture some wonderful moments. In less than five minutes, the performance is coming to an end, making people feel unfinished. Later, these dancers wearing blue raincoats rode bicycles and headed for the next stop.

It is reported that with the arrival of the rainy season, in order to save the trouble of supporting the umbrella, Harrow bicycles launched the "five-star good riding" custom raincoat, and chose the young people's favorite attitude copy on the raincoat, using "easy life never to be with yourself." The vindictive spirit has been meticulously designed and produced, and the concept of “easy and effortless” of the Haro cycling five-star ride has been passed, which has resonated with users. Among them, the word "easy" is pun, which means that the body is easy to ride and the spirit is relaxed

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