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Disposable PE Raincoat Concert Raincoat Plastic Raincoat
May 23, 2018

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Materials: PE(polyethylene), LDPE, PVC, EVA

Thickness: 0.02 MM-0 .15 MM

Normal Size

Raincoat Size: 75CM * 100CM

Burst Size: 100CM * 130CM

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Transparent, Printed(custom color code available to customers)

Style: Adult raincoat, Poncho; Children's raincoats, ponchos; Set(template customization available to clients)

Scope of use: cycling, motorcycles on rainy days, suitable for work, school, fishing, tourism, outdoor activities, watching sports events, theatrical performances, etc..

Clear plastic raincoat.jpg

1. Good rainproof performance, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, no cap rope, can be made into degradation materials, conducive to environmental protection. Light weight and easy to carry are essential items for outdoor travel and travel, and are also essential for every family.

2. A variety of colors and styles are available for you to choose from. Accepting the customer's sample order, the sample can be specific to the pattern of the product, the different thickness of the fabric, specifications and packaging requirements. The product can be printed on behalf of advertising.

Environmental protection disposable raincoats, ponchos, printed LOGO advertisements to promote adult raincoats, children's raincoats, products sold around the world, such as Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Welcome customers to order sampl

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