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Eastern OCT Raincoats Are Drifting
Aug 02, 2018

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, do friends in Shenzhen have thought about where the past is? A group of friends and colleagues, it’s best to have a good time together. I am going to the Eastern OCT in the Dragon Boat Festival, what about you? I haven’t been out for a long time, but I’m still a little excited, there are wood. I have been to OCT East before Christmas last year. The scenery is still good. There are still a lot of projects in it. It’s just that the boss has invested in it. We only have to go back and forth that day, and it’s not fun. Christmas is so cold, I don’t dare to go to play with water, and now I am finally playing in the summer. The speed drifting is still quite exciting, but the raincoat is a bit expensive (10 yuan). If you want to play drifting and there are many people, you can buy it online. Li Deming Alibaba wholesale, cheap, good quality

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