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Exo Chongqing Concert Is Hard To Find A Trader Ticket Seller Busy Selling Raincoats Busy Selling Tickets
Jul 04, 2018

The exo Chongqing concert was hard to find, and the merchants were busy selling raincoats and selling tickets. The Olympic Sports Center is full of people, because the Korean concert of the Korean group EXO is singing. As a popular combination, EXO has been madly sought after by fans. Fans who are mainly members of the girls in their teens not only pick up the plane in the morning, but also come to the Olympic Sports Center early in the afternoon.

 double cycling raincoat.jpg

The Chongqing Evening News reporter bought tickets from the "yellow cattle" to enter the stadium. Before the concert started, the rain was not too small. The plastic chairs in the open air were already wet. The fans did not mind, sitting in the raincoat and chatting excitedly. .

Time: 4:05 PM

When the reporter walked out of the Yuanjiagang light rail station, the rain had already started. There were five raincoats on the pedestrian bridge. The reporter learned that the raincoat sold for 5 yuan, and the trader said that it is not allowed to play an umbrella, it will block others from watching the show, and it is right to buy a raincoat. In addition, there are also selling light sticks, handbags, food and beverages, etc. A trader told reporters that she came to the stalls at 10 o'clock in the morning.

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