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Fashion Long Raincoat Acceptance Standard Two: Sewing Standard:
May 21, 2018

1.     Lines: narrow and uniform, no jump needles, no flotation lines, and 5 stitches at the entrance and exit needles, not less than 12 needles per 4cm. The straight line is straight, the curved line is smooth, the width of the double line is maintained at 0.5 cm, and the seam is tightly wrapped without revealing the bristle. The thread head can not be longer than 0.5 cm, and it is less and shorter.
2. Hat body: Double needle sewing requires the alignment of incoming and outgoing needle materials; Various categories are sent to seals as required, and the number of the goods is matched.
3. Hat: Smooth sewing according to the size of the mold line, mid-point to mid-point, curved sleek; The rough trim is in place, flip to the edge, and keep smooth; Determine the number of caps before and after each batch, and inform the hat workers according to the number of matching items.

4. Sew cover: According to the variety, the number of goods clearly before and after the cover of the number of cloth, to fold cloth sewing; Divide the number of left and right front masks, and place the mask position on the left and right front and rear masks to be 2cm lateral 1cm. The front mask covers the mother mask, the other side is the public mask, and the following is the mother mask. The above is the public mask; Cover the four sides in place and write the cargo number.
5. Put on the hat: the middle point of the hat is the middle point of the back page of the raincoat. Side corner material: The width of the side corner material does not exceed 0.5 cm, and the excess should be pruned.
6. The first page: Sews the cover cloth according to the variety and cargo number, distinguishing between the left and right, and sews the cover cloth in the cloth; Sewing on the front page using rough lines, timely write the name of the goods to inform the next process.

7. Back page: Find the corresponding back page, cover cloth, hat, and entry into production by variety and cargo number.
8. Back pages: Do not slant seams, inverted seams, midpoints to midpoints, and buttonholes are called criteria. Trim the rest of the back page.
9. Air rod: The line does not cross the pressure line. Each raincoat sews 2 air rods and imports and exports 5 stitches.
10. Bright film: Sews the corresponding film according to the regulations of the factory.
11. Rabbit ear: Do not sew, do not sew, the width of the two sides should be uniform. The line forms a rectangle with a width of 4 and.
12. Reflection strip/warning tape: distinguish between positive and negative, reflective face up; Don't sew, don't sew.
13. Cleanliness: No pollution, no oil stains, trim the side cloth without any edges.
14. Sewing various parts to the left, up and down, back and forth, inside and outside of the direction can not be done

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