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Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Station Investigates The Management Of Raincoat Safety Production Standardization
Aug 03, 2018

On June 23-24, a group of 11 people from the Guangdong Provincial Safety Production Quality Supervision Station was led by the stationmaster Liu Yongzhong to come to our office to investigate the advanced management experience of Shenzhen safety production standardization work. Director Zhang Zhengchun, Deputy Director Li Changmin, Chief Engineer Lu Ke and all staff of the Engineering Safety Supervision Office attended the discussion.

On behalf of the provincial bureau, Deputy Director Li Changmin exchanged speeches on the management of factory safety production standardization in Shenzhen, and prepared the framework, general outline and principle of dealing with the national industry technical specifications and procedures. As well as the management experience of the safety production promotion of raincoats in our city, the investigation team expressed appreciation for Shenzhen's leading position in the safety management standardization construction of raincoat factories in the country.

According to the requirements of the inspection team, Lu Ke's chief engineer personally accompanied the inspection team and went to Dongguan and other raincoat factories for on-the-spot investigation. The leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Station have carried out their own fire drills and evacuated the masses and other activities. They have fully affirmed the advanced and advanced safety and environmental management concepts of other raincoat manufacturers such as Shenzhen Li Deming Company. Ming company leaders and construction enterprise management personnel conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges. The inspection team Liu said that it is necessary to bring Shenzhen's good management experience and practices in safety production standardization construction, advanced safety and environmental protection concepts to Guangxi, and spread to every manufacturer.

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