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Huang Guochang’s Investigation Of The Disaster Persisted Without Umbrellas And Raincoats. The Netizens Satirized “showing Likes To Play”
Aug 02, 2018

      China Taiwan Network June 4th According to Taiwan's "East Sen News Cloud" reported that the rainstorm hit the streets in a row, and the disasters continued everywhere. "The Power of the Times" Huang Guochang did not support umbrellas or raincoats, but allowed the whole body to get wet. Wang Xinyi, a member of the Kuomintang Taipei City Council, said, "How can people who sell umbrellas and raincoats survive?" "Sail suicide can't solve the problem."

      In the photo, Huang Guochang wore a shirt and did not use rain gear. The whole body was wet, but the people on the side were holding umbrellas, which made the netizens question the "show" and "played a lot". Huang Guochang responded that because there was only one umbrella in the car, there was no support. However, after the 2nd day without the umbrella survey, the netizens were mad, Huang Guochang went to the constituency on the 3rd and still did not use rain gear, no umbrellas, no raincoats, only similar hiking shoes, full of mud, and then netizen .

      Wang Xinyi satirizes on Facebook. "Under such a rain, I only saw Goddess hair and shirts are only slightly wet. It is really a show. In addition, the Taiwan authorities "Minister of Transportation" He Chendan has promised that the machine will no longer be Flooding, but breaking the power, also said that "it is not leaking water is flooding", "How do people who want to do leak prevention work survive? "Only thanks to Huang Guochang and He Chendan, two big actors during the rainstorm, "play the fun of coloring, entertaining, and suffering!" "(China Taiwan Net Li Ning)

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