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In The Rainstorm, An Electric Car Owner In Changsha Sent A Raincoat To The Duty Police Officer.
Jul 04, 2018

During the rainstorm, a police officer drove the rain in the middle of the road to guide the traffic. An electric car owner took out a raincoat and gave it to him. On June 19th, a group of pictures named "Police Brothers and Umbrellas" attracted attention on the Internet. The friendship between strangers and policemen in raincoats made the netizens feel moved.Reflective lady raincoat.jpg

Netizens photographed the public to send raincoats to the police

The netizen "visigo.taoba" shared his own street scene in He said that when he was under heavy rain on the 19th, he stood in front of the window and found a red figure riding an electric car directly to the center of the intersection and stopped at the police. I thought that the owner violated the traffic rules. Who knows that the owner opened the raincoat and took out a parcel and handed it to the police. The netizen said that the police received a look after receiving the parcel and continued his work. After the traffic was smooth, the policeman silently walked to the side of the road to open the parcel. "I realized that it was a raincoat, a raincoat that the ordinary people did not have any intersection with him." Netizen said that he was moved when he saw this scene.

On June 20, the reporter learned from the Changsha Traffic Police Detachment that the rainy duty in the picture was Liu Yujie, the squadron of the Furong Traffic Police Brigade. At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of the 20th, after receiving a call from a colleague, Liu Yujie knew that the photos of himself and the electric car owner had been forwarded many times on the Internet.

Liu Yujie introduced that he is 23 years old this year and has already been a police officer for 2 years. On the morning of the 19th, due to the lack of manpower, he was originally relieved to help the vehicles passing through the torch road at North Station Road.

"When I went, the rain was very small, so I didn't wear a raincoat. When I was on duty, I suddenly got a heavy rain." Liu Yijie recalled that it was too late to get a raincoat, and the visibility in the heavy rain was low, and the road vehicles were more prone to accidents or congestion. More need to be guided on the road.

Just as Liu Yujie was in command of traffic, an electric car suddenly drove over to him. The owner did not speak, and pulled a parcel from his raincoat to Liu Weijie.

The most moving is that the public understands the traffic police work.

"I was really touched at the time. I didn't know the citizen. He didn't know me. It was passing by to see that I didn't have an umbrella. I came over and gave me a raincoat and I was afraid of it." Liu said that the electric car owner is one. A male, because he was wearing a raincoat and looked at his face, he didn't see it very clearly. Maybe after he was 40 years old, he handed the raincoat to himself. He left by bicycle, and he only had time to say thank you. Nothing else was asked.

Standing in the middle of the road, Liu Yujie couldn't immediately wear a raincoat until the traffic situation improved. He ran to the side of the road to put on the raincoat. "That road is not wide, only 4 lanes, so it is not good to wear raincoats in the middle of the road, it is easy to affect traffic. We are also not good at supporting our umbrellas, afraid to scratch the passing vehicles." Liu Yujie said that he was from Hunan Judicial Police Academy. After graduating, he began his career as a police officer. The happiest thing is that the public can understand the work of the traffic police. "Not long ago, at the Torch Road, a citizen saw that the weather was still giving me a bottle of water. I was particularly touched. Thank you for the enthusiastic citizens who understand our work."



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