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Is It True That Making Raincoats In Plastic Bags On The Internet?
Aug 02, 2018

Recently, I saw some posts on the Internet, saying that plastic bags can be used to make raincoats. I don’t know if this method is feasible.

Li Deming raincoat net Xiaobian tells you that raincoats made of plastic bags can actually be made into raincoats, just choose large plastic bags. If the plastic bags are too small, the raincoats made are too small to cover. Upper body.

When making a raincoat, you can cut the bag first, then fold it in half, sew the two sides to the sleeve, and then leave the head out and sew it. The raincoat looks almost shaped.

The specific raincoat production process can be slowly explored, as long as the effort is deep, the iron rod is ground into a needle.

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