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Li Deming Production Center First Quarter Report
Aug 03, 2018

Resigning the old and welcoming the new, the production center of Lideng Raincoat Factory was supported by the superior guidance, the intimacy of all parts and the joint efforts of all employees to complete the work obligations of the first quarter, and the output value was improved by 38% compared with the same period of last year. In March, the output value completed 9% of the total direction of the whole year of 2018.

The detailed work of the first quarter is summarized as follows:

I. Analysis of production capacity data

    According to the performance of the financial data, the performance of the standing raincoat in 2017 has been broken over the years, so if you want to break again on the basis of the break, this is relatively a big battle. We must seek development in the dilemma, seek opportunities in the war, and analyze the data based on the production of the aircraft, workshop output, and per capita output. In early January 2013, the production center proposed a bold plan to optimize the production process.

Second, the process optimization reliability evaluation

The combination of theory and practice is the key point of the production center, and the key to the construction of the production. We have repeatedly discussed the team through the center of the production center, and wrote and wiped and erased the various schemes on the small whiteboard, and selected a set of fits. The company's actual situation plan, after a concerted resolution, changed the production line with 12 production processes to the production line of 8 processes, and pulled out the small parts to build a semi-product workshop. This optimization work is expected to help us improve. More than 20% of production is subject to. Before the Spring Festival on February 6, 2018, the production center completed the rectification of four old workshops and set up an accessory workshop.

Third, the site plan

According to the guidance of the optimization process, we have made a new plan for the macro structure of the workshop. The four sewing workshops have carried out the work of regional separation, drawing line and machine positioning. At the same time, all the five workshops were carpeted, covered, and the system for removing shoes from the workshop was set up, which laid the foundation for the quality of the advanced products and the 7S processing of the experimental workshop.

Fourth, machine equipment

According to the production needs of the parts processing workshop, 79 sewing machines and 4 sealing machines were added in the production center; for the progress obedience, the processes of the back page, the upper front cap, the mother rubber and the hat were also continuously replaced with computer machines. The planned 96 sets of machine production equipment will be fully in place before February 6, 2018, and placed neatly. By adding equipment, the production center has a production line of 14 sets of products and a sewing workshop for accessories with 79 sewing machines.

V. Staff equipment

After the process optimization, 85 new people were added. In order to do a good job of adding new employees in a steady and orderly manner, we took two steps:

The first step: first open from 9 groups to 11 groups, plus 1 accessory processing workshop

In this stage, one workshop plan opened four groups, two workshop plans opened four groups, three workshop plans opened three groups, and another newly opened one accessory processing workshop, and the program recruited 51 people. With the full support of the Personnel Administration Department, the stoppage of March 31st, the staff attendance rate of the 1-3 workshop has exceeded 95%, and the staff attendance rate of the accessory workshop has also exceeded 75%. Overall, the first stage of staff employment is fundamental. carry out.

The second step: from 11 groups to 14 groups.

In April, a workshop plan opened two more teams and two workshops to open a new group. It is estimated that about 34 people will be recruited. Since the output value of the first phase up to March is significantly increased, the manpower of the second phase will be based on the sales schedule.

With the start of the process optimization work, our productivity has been formed into 14 groups from 9 groups. Others have added a semi-product sewing workshop, and the production capacity has been greatly enhanced. The production capacity data in the first quarter of 2013 is reported, indicating that the production obedience has Significant progress, this is the excellent result of our process optimization.

Sixth, the new foreign alliance factory

Through process optimization, site planning, machine equipment, staff equipment, and new external alliance factories, the production center rationally mediates the production plan and rationally utilizes the resources to satisfy the market demand. Under the new situation, the workshop management team is becoming more mature. Responsibility and monitoring mechanisms are gradually getting better, and production site handling and sanitation are gradually standard. Scientific management, exquisite production plan will be the work that must be enhanced in the next stage of the production center, as long as this will achieve the annual production direction of our company.

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