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Li Deming PVC Raincoats Adult PVC Raincoats Environmental Raincoats Wholesale
Jul 03, 2018

Li Deming PVC raincoats Adult PVC raincoats Environmental raincoats wholesale
Shenzhen Li Deming Co. Ltd. is a professional raincoat production company, is a professional production of all types of raincoats, work insurance work clothes, windbreaker, cotton clothing manufacturers and exporters. The operating 

outdoor transparent fashion raincoat.jpgmaterials are PVC, EVA, PE, PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather, nylon waterproof material, breathable wet material. It is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates design, production, and sales. There are raincoats made by the ancestors of the ancestors to make assembly line equipment and brilliant production techniques. The "Chuangxin" brand raincoat has a strange structure and unique style. It has won a number of national patents and has successively won the reputation of "recommended products" at the municipal and provincial levels. In recent years, Zhuo Si's vision, supported by customers, led by the factory, and the full cooperation of all employees have achieved proud deeds, occupying a pivotal position in the national industry.

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