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Love Aunt Sent Traffic Police Raincoat
Aug 03, 2018

Tianjin Northern Network News: Yesterday, a group of warm-hearted pictures were screened: In the heavy rain, a traffic policeman was too late to put on a raincoat after he was in a hurry. After seeing the crowd, he was sent raincoats for him.

This scene occurred at the intersection of Quanzhou Road and Guangming Road in Wuqing District. The photo was taken during the passage of Wei Jianyong, a cadre of the Wenguang Bureau of Wuqing District. He introduced that at around 7:50 in the morning, when he drove to work and other lights, he saw this scene. "I didn't pay attention to it at the beginning. Then I saw that a resident gave the traffic police a raincoat. I took it in real time and sent it to a friend. ring."

After the transfer, I learned that in the rain, the police stationed on duty was Liu Xudong, the auxiliary police of the second detachment of the traffic police detachment of the Public Security Wuqing Branch, a "post-90s."

Liu Xudong said that it was true that three or four residents had sent raincoats to him before, and he all pleaded with remarks. This photo taken by a friend circle is an aunt who sent a raincoat. At that time, he was directing traffic. Auntie went to his eyes and said, "Children, the rain is too big, the weather is too cold, put it on!" Liu Xudong quickly waved his hand and said that he was not cold, please Auntie rushed home, standing at the intersection was not safe. .

"There was a lot of wetness at that time. It’s okay to wear it. And these raincoats are not standard, and they are afraid of affecting the overall image of the traffic police." Liu Xudong, who is honest and straight, said that I still don’t know that it has become a "net red". "The most handsome police officer uncle", he said: "I am very grateful to the people who have never met before, giving me raincoats in heavy rain. It is our responsibility to command heavy traffic according to the guard post."

In addition to Liu Xudong, the traffic police of the Public Security Wuqing Branch were all employed at 5:00 in the morning. Because of their rain in the rain, the Tianjin City after the storm has become clearer and more tidy.

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