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Love Raincoat For Love
Aug 03, 2018

A few days ago, the rain in Shenzhen was good. Some buses on the warm bus were equipped with a love umbrella for the public to use free of charge. On the morning of June 18, Ms. Zhang returned the love umbrella to the delivery bus and sent 100 disposable raincoats. I hope that this convenience will facilitate more people to travel.

At 7 o'clock on the evening of May 2, Ms. Zhang took the 635 bus in the six districts of Fushan, and it was raining soon after she got on the bus. Ms. Zhang did not carry her rain gear with her. Fortunately, she had a love umbrella on her car to protect her from the rain. After returning home, Ms. Zhang placed the umbrella in the corner of the room until she remembered it on the 8th. When she went to the warm bus to return, Ms. Zhang bought a pack of disposable raincoats at Li Deming Company, a total of 100 pieces. Put it on the bus and let it be used by people in need. "Ms. Zhang said.

The warm bus staff introduced, the love umbrella is free to use, passengers can return the umbrella to any warm bus driver, or the umbrella can be sent to the warm bus bus station, road team.

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