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On The Rainy Day, The Door Is Bent, The Owner Makes A Raincoat, Golden Retriever: Our Family Is Really Poor.
Nov 02, 2018

People say that raising a dog can cure laziness. That's right. For Wang Xingren's shovel, one thing that must be done almost every day is to take the dog out. I don’t want to get up in the morning, and I have to get up when the dog calls it.

So, for the more lazy shovel, the happiest thing is to rain. However, some shovel officers are very "diligent", and will take the dog out of the door regardless of the wind and rain!

No, the shovel officer took the dog out of the door on a rainy day. But other pet owners will buy some dog raincoats online. But the shovel officer was very "saving" and made a raincoat, not to mention that it was simple and practical, and it was very eye-catching on the road!

This is not, the dog walking on the road has attracted a lot of attention from passers-by. What do you do when this raincoat is made? It is actually a snakeskin bag that carries a lot of people's memories! Although it looks a bit earthy, it is strong and durable! Cut a few holes, put the dog's legs in, just cover it properly, don't worry about being drenched!

Jin Mao: Our family is really poor! Can't even afford raincoats?

Haha, Jin Mao certainly won’t think so. In the eyes of dogs, being with the owner is happiness! Although it is a broken snakeskin bag, it also hides the master's deep love! Moreover, don't underestimate the snakeskin bag, the tide of the tide, but people have gone on the international stage (although the pattern is a little worse)...

Regardless of how good the days are, the dogs that the owner loves are very happy! I hope that all the hairy children in the world have a home and everyone loves it!

Here, the veterinarian Xiaoming reminds the owner that the dog will go out and bend in the rainy days. If it is wet, it is best to bathe the dog. If you don't take a bath, remember to blow them dry to prevent moisture from breeding bacteria.

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