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Raincoat Short Before Long
May 17, 2018

One of the bosses of a rain gear production company occasionally heard a farmer complain: "The market is now full of long and short raincoats suitable for city people to facilitate cyclists. I wish I had a long raincoat. "The boss asked why, and the farmer explained:" The farmer bent down to plant the land, and the short and long raincoat can be used more effectively to protect the wind from the rain. "The boss was overjoyed. After returning to the factory, he immediately tried to produce a batch of such raincoats. After launching the rural market, he really sold them. The company, which had previously been in a bad mood, quickly became prosperous.


This thing tells us that to open up the market, we must first learn to study the market. For example, to open up the rural market, only the real "pulse" of farmers 'needs can develop farmers' favorite products. However, many enterprises still have a certain one-sidedness in their understanding when they explore the rural market. They always believe that the standard of living of farmers is not high. What the rural market needs is cheap goods, and the development of low-grade goods and cheap goods is also the development of rural markets. In fact, China's vast territory, the Southeast and northwest of the rural market consumption needs have their own characteristics. Even in the same region, there are differences between affluence and poverty, and the diversity of consumer demand due to different economic conditions, which need to be studied by companies.

Therefore, producers and operators can only go deep into the rural market, listen to the needs of the peasants, ask their brothers a few questions about what they need and what they want, and then develop their products in a targeted way. In order to open up a large rural market this "article" to do a big job


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