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Raincoats Are Popular
Aug 02, 2018

Xin reported that the continuous drizzle for several consecutive days caused inconvenience to the general public, but at the same time it also urged the sales of rain gear, and the rain gear market continued to be hot. In the past few days, the reporter visited some shops, supermarkets and street umbrella sales outlets in the urban area that have been operating rain gear supplies. It is learned that all kinds of rain gear have become the hot products of the recent market, among which the sales of umbrellas are the best. Yesterday morning, reporters in the jewelry store in the eastern market of Lanzhou City and several supermarkets in the city saw that colorful umbrellas and raincoats were placed in a conspicuous position on the shelves. In recent days, "Tiangong is not beautiful" has greatly boosted the sales of rain gear, and the people who buy umbrellas and raincoats are constantly on the move.

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