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Rose Actually Put The Cloth Shoe Cover On The Ear. Netizen: You Don’t Go To The Ordinary Road Jewelry, There Are Still Characteristics.
Sep 05, 2018

When people talk about roses, they will give him many titles such as "sexuality, domineering queen, fashionable hot mom", etc. It is true that in the entertainment circle, actresses like roses are rare, and Wei's special voice is also very outstanding in the circle. Some time ago, Rose joined a variety show. In the program, Rose suddenly calmed down and left tears. After someone else interrogated, I realized that he was mourning the food that his grandfather had personally made.

Since Grandpa’s death, she has never eaten anymore. Since she didn’t see her grandfather with her grandfather, the singer’s temperament is unrestrained. Fans often yell at “Geng, Ge,” but Rose is still a little girl. Just strong, the heart will have a soft side. Rose is an old actor in the entertainment industry. Some of the works of Rose are familiar to us, and even the time of the company’s work can never be counted in a few years. It takes ten years to count.

For example, the "Three Summer Palms" of the temporary red extremes, from a slightly wealthy aristocratic lady into a man who digs into the mind, the mutual conversion between the feet makes the interpretation of the extreme shape of the rose, he also relies on the drama Formally entering the entertainment circle has received widespread attention. Whether it is a singer or an actor, Rose has expressed very good. He has put down another one without engaging in another industry. Instead, he has tried to carry out each other and forced himself to become a more comprehensive play.

On the same day, Rose appeared at the airport, wearing a fresh activity suit and white-sported shoes. What is even more amazing is that it also has a earring that is similar in style to the shoe cover, plus the cap of the cap. Look down, there is nothing unique, there is no slight violation, the title of the fashionable queen is really not white.

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