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Say: Salute! Raincoat Brother
Aug 02, 2018

Recently, a "raincoat brother" touched the citizens of Nanning. In the heavy rain, he rode an electric car, wearing a red raincoat, and stayed in front of the wellhead that was washed by the heavy rain. He directed the passing pedestrians to circumnavigate and kept "guarding" for nearly half an hour until the municipal drainage workers rushed. After the cover was covered, it was silently left.

    "Raincoat brother" is a deliveryman of a company in Nanning. Originally, "raincoat brother" can not "shoulder", anyway, he has safely passed the wellhead that was washed away from the manhole cover, and it is not his responsibility to manage the "well cover" and "shoulder" wellhead. But he chose the alarm and kept "observing" until the staff arrived. It is a rare and powerful spirit of Lei Feng to push people, to think for others, to care for people, to care for people, to help people.

    It is indeed difficult to avoid and unpredictable when there is such a sudden situation that “the cover is washed away by heavy rain”, but in the face of such a situation, the civic responsibility of pedestrians cannot be lost. In fact, this is also the real reason for the "raincoat brother" to touch people.

    Perhaps, in the "raincoat brother" view, this is only a small matter. However, only its "small" makes people see the moral accumulation of "raincoat brother" on weekdays. "Don't be evil, don't be small and not good." It is his moral practice that he has practiced from the point of view, "I didn't think much at the time, I did it subconsciously," and I will have a touching move later. When moral internalization becomes a kind of self-discipline and self-motivation behavior, moral practice is such a kind of "moisturizing and silent" and is everywhere and everywhere.

    To practice the core values of socialism, we need to cultivate and create thousands of "raincoat brothers", and we need thousands of "raincoats" to participate. At the same time, it is also more necessary to provide a good soil environment. As the "raincoat brother" said, "I can persist in the heavy rain for so long because many people who pass by express their gratitude to me, and let me feel that my contribution is worthwhile." Yes, goodness and kindness can be born. Greater goodwill; good deeds and good deeds can extend longer-lasting good deeds. Because when a human body comes to the goodwill and sincerity from others, his inner goodwill will be triggered and sublimated. Kindness can be accumulated, and good deeds can be passed. "Goodness is a kind of cycle". Since the good deeds of "raincoat brothers" can touch people, why not be able to inspire people, motivate people, and guide them to participate in a variety of "shoulders" behavior?

    Don't let the "raincoat" behavior of "raincoat brother" become a fleeting "spray" and a "small flower" that looks like a cloud. It should become a booster and a seed. Only in this way can the socialist core values be reliably guaranteed, and their growth and development will have a strong vitality.

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