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Start The Flood Emergency Plan, Prepare A Disposable Raincoat On The Car
Aug 03, 2018

On the same day, heavy rain in Shenzhen has been carried out to ensure the safety of traffic on rainy days. The bus companies in our city have urgently launched emergency plans for flood seasons to enhance service guarantees and ensure the safety of citizens.

The staff of the bus company was introduced. The company has earlyly checked and recorded the low-lying and accumulated water sections of all bus lines. At the same time, it has done a good job of vehicle maintenance, enhanced night and early bus repair and maintenance work, and ensured that sick cars are not on the road. Get out of the car and get a good car in a special climate.

The bus company also prepared disposable raincoats on buses 353, 113, 986 and 259 for passengers to use without charge.

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