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Subtle Service Eastern Airlines Shanxi Cabin Rain Season For You To Prepare Raincoats
Jul 04, 2018


Yes, such a service seems to be worthwhile in the flight attendants of the Eastern Airlines Cabin Department. However, the management of the cabin department, who was informed of the incident, had a wave of ripples in the heart. The thunderstorm season was about to arrive again. What about our service in the face of thunderstorms? What can be done to make passengers more satisfied and solve practical difficulties for passengers? 

What can we do to protect our employees to the utmost? After many discussions and comparisons, the management of the cabin department decided to start with the nuances and choose the most common, reliable and tightly-protected disposable raincoats to be equipped with the plane to deal with the thunderstorms that are always “unexpected”. The raincoat is used when the aircraft stops at a remote position and encounters a sudden thunderstorm. 14070206155612.jpg

It is sent to passengers who need special help on the aircraft. The flight attendant decides whether to give away according to the situation on the spot. When choosing a product, more than a dozen sets of raincoats, the cabin department are worn on the spot, feel the quality is strong, whether it is comfortable to wear, and also compare the price/performance ratio before finalizing. At the end of June, the first batch of raincoats came to the cabin department. The color was simple, the style was generous, the number was complete, and the texture was excellent. At the same time, the “Service Announcement on the Use of Rain Gears” was also issued in time, detailing the use and management of raincoats. Soon, each crew chief received a certain number of raincoats with different styles and different numbers. The flight attendant decides to carry the quantity according to the weather conditions of the destination airport before leaving the port, and distributes it to passengers in time, and is responsible for the storage and collection of raincoats. supplement.


The service continues to expand, and the quality comes from the details. During the rainy season, passengers on the flight of China Eastern Airlines will no longer have the risk of getting off the plane. In this rainy season, the flight attendants of the Eastern Airlines Cabin Department also felt the unit. Warm and caring.

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