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The Bus Driver Sent Two Raincoats To The Passengers. The Female Passengers Returned Seven Pieces The Next Day.
Jul 04, 2018

Seeing that the passenger did not bring rain gear, the bus driver took the initiative to hand two pieces of disposable raincoats. I did not expect that the next day, the female passengers returned seven.

Yesterday, Xu Bing, a 3-way tram driver, said that at 8 am on the 1st, a mother and daughter boarded the bus at the starting point of the pier. The two men talked about what to play after going to Jiefang Park. Who knows, the car is gradually getting rain. "It’s over, I can’t play it.” The little girl around 10 looks disappointed. The conversation between the two was heard by Xu Bing, so when they got off the bus, Xu Bing sent two pieces of his own disposable raincoat.Fashion long raincoat.jpg

Who knows, at 7 o'clock the next morning, Xu Bing is preparing to leave the car, a woman hurried to the bus station, and handed seven raincoats. "Let you, let it be used by others when it rains." At this time, Xu Bing remembered that she was the young mother of the day before yesterday.

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