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The Country’s Huskies, Which Are Red Because Of Their Raincoats, Have Now Learned To Set Up Stalls.
Aug 02, 2018

A husky in Thailand was on fire, and he fired up after the owner gave him a raincoat. Because of the special cute, there are a pair of brown eyes, as well as bright hair. It is even more possible to put on a raincoat and be sent to the Internet by netizens. He has tens of thousands of fans in a week. Just because of the red-hot reason, the owner set up a stall and let the two ha guards. This is really a big business opportunity. Now, Erha is working every day to make money. Of course, the owner is also very good to him. Every day, he cooks delicious food for him. If he rains in the rainy day, he will give the raincoat to the second baby.

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