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The Function Of The Bath Cap
May 02, 2018

1.8-10 Times stronger water absorption

2, super soft touch does not hurt the skin The soft touch of the impressive farewell face is equivalent to shaving the era, light soft and easy to clean, dehydration and drying. Fondle admiringly The soft touch that is pressing on the cashmere fleece.

Even BB to be perfect for oh ~

3, no hair not broken This product uses the special weaving method not to drop the dander, the adsorption strength when towel, the sheet, the sheet, does not slip to slip, is not easy to damage.

Warm and dustproof.

4, Never fade Does not use the fluorescent agent, does not apply the disperse poisonous harmful dye.

In strict accordance with international standards for production, no matter how long it will not fade. 5, odor-proof treatment, do not produce peculiar smell

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