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The New Police Raincoat Suit Is Really Powerful.
Aug 03, 2018

In the traffic police detachment hall of the city, some policemen are trying on a new type of duty service. This police raincoat is a multi-functional fluorescent suit. Compared with the existing duty reflective vest, the garment has a stronger visual impact. It can protect the personal safety of the police when they are on duty, and can also play the role of "raincoat" in the rain and snow climate. According to reports, this kind of duty service has been put into use in many areas of the country.

   It is understood that this is a new style of uniform service that will be promoted by the traffic police department. The clothing is green and yellow, and the color is particularly beautiful. The gray and reflective "poor people" are printed on the chest and back, and the sleeves are at both ends. It is a gray reflective strip. As far as the material and planning style of the clothes are concerned, it is like the jacket we wore in the spring and autumn. Moreover, this kind of clothes is similar to the uniforms worn by the traffic police in Jinan and Chongqing.

 The surface of this duty suit is waterproof fabric with a layer of inner mesh inside, which is more suitable for spring and autumn and winter wear. According to the police, the current reflective vests are only reflective on the front and back, and the surrounding faces cannot be reflected. They cannot provide outstanding protection for the traffic police on duty. When the traffic police direct traffic, if the sideways stand in the center of the road, the surface around the reflective vest can not be reflected, it is not easy to be noticed by the driver, especially in the evening and at night, it will bring danger to the personal safety of the traffic police.

 Today, with the rapid development of the economy, our city's traffic volume is getting bigger and bigger. It is prone to visual dead angles at the peak of the night, especially when the vehicle turns. If the dress of the frontline police is inconspicuous, it is easy to have an accident. This green-yellow fluorescent duty service is particularly dazzling, and the vehicle is on the road. Whether it is still in the evening or not, the driver can see the traffic police ahead, and can take the corresponding method in advance. The policeman trying on clothes said that the new reflective suits not only better command traffic, but also improve their own safety. This dress is alive and well, and it is not cold when it is put on duty in winter. It is still very good in spring and autumn. Rainproof.

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