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The Raincoat Glows. The Raincoat Is Light And Light Enough
May 29, 2018

It has rained these two days, bringing a lot of trouble to people's life and travel.However, with all kinds of unique and practical innovative rain gear, it is also easy to travel on rainy days.There are also light-emitting umbrellas, which can be used to light and warn cars at night.Fashionable rain shoes rain boots change the traditional rain shoes thick and stupid feeling, is highly sought after by women.

The patterned raincoat is light and practical

Nowadays, more and more people like to walk or take buses and subways, and the traditional raincoat has become more and more popular among people who prefer to walk.Raincoats like windcoats and jackets are on the rise.

"Compression raincoat" is actually a nickname for the industry.The raincoat is suitable for office workers on foot, windbreaker and hand - copied pockets.It with very thin new waterproof materials, only can be folded into a wallet size, into the special waterproof bag, very save space, and component and light, can be placed in my handbag, standby at any time.

Lovers' raincoats: as the name implies, men's and women's raincoats are sold in the same color and pattern.

Student raincoat: the raincoat is bright in color, and there are prominent reflective strips on the front and back of the hat.In particular, the back part has a special design, bulges a big piece, the child carries a schoolbag also can wear this kind of raincoat easily.

The raincoat is getting thinner and lighter, but will it be blown up in stormy weather?Central door a department staff showed reporters about the new product know-how: within the front button sewing and garment place raincoat embedded wire, increased weight, it is said that four wind within wearing are not affected.The plum rain season in nanjing is wet and stuffy. No matter how thin your raincoat is, you will sweat all over, let alone walk in it.The reporter discovered that a netizen showed a trick: drill a few small holes under the armpits and arms of the windbreaker raincoat type raincoat, imitate the breathable design of outdoor sports clothing, scatter heat at any time, do not leak rain.

The umbrella is bright and safe

Now on the market have a "luminous umbrella", umbrella handle part made with leds, just put inside 5 or 7 battery into the handle, the umbrella handle is light, the wholesale price is less than 50 yuan, but sell to nanjing later, even in the wholesale market, the price will be increased to 70 ~ 80 yuan.

Fashion rain shoes are fascinating

This kind of fashionable rain shoe also divides height to follow, have long tube and short tube distinction.For the customers who like beautiful design, the choice is bigger, jelly color system, size dots, colorful flowers, colorful patterns.It's all common design.

The fashionable rain shoes usually sell well for over 80 yuan.But at present this kind of rain shoe is foreign trade product basically, what appear on the market is foreign trade end sheet, so quantity is not big, and often sell

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