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The Reporter Brought A Shower Cap To Live Red
Nov 02, 2018

Not long ago, a female reporter from Xinxiang, Henan Province, reported standing in the water near the waist. She did not wear a raincoat and did not have an umbrella. In the heavy rain, she was drenched into a chicken, and the audience was reported on the rain. On the 19th, a female anchor in Zhengzhou was wearing a shower cap and the rainstorm was soaked and wet, and once again became a "net red."

Affected by the low vortex shear, Zhengzhou has experienced the largest range of heavy rainfall since the beginning of this year, and it is also a key period for flood prevention and disaster relief in the “seven downs and eights”.

Grasping the time to wear a shower cap can make you become a net red. This function of the shower cap did not come to mind!

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