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The Subway Is Equipped With A Disposable Raincoat. Passengers Are Released Free Of Charge In Extreme Weather.
Aug 03, 2018

After entering the flood season, as for the staff of the subway station, the usual inspection has added another important key. This is the inspection of the flood control equipment.

There are many anti-smashing sandbags, rain boots and anti-slip blankets. However, the reporter noticed that there are two large boxes of raincoats in this anti-smashing material storage box. Is this for the staff?

Yu Lili, deputy station head of Huoying Station Area, Metro Line 13

The evening peak will be more difficult for us. From our perspective, we hope that passengers will carry rain gear on the one hand, and we will distribute raincoats according to the passenger flow, which is convenient for passengers to travel and convenient for their evacuation.

It turns out that these raincoats are not charged for passengers. As a raincoat that must not be less than the annual anti-mite materials, it can not only handle the difficulties of passenger travel, but also alleviate the passenger detention in the station. Indeed, in order to cope with the extreme climate, such a key flood control site as the Huoying subway station, not only in the preparation of materials, but also on the waterproof equipment. The reporter at Huoying Station saw that because the drainage system of the Huoying subway station did not connect to the municipal drainage network, it only needed to rain, and there would be water in the gap outside the station, in order to allow passengers to pass through the accumulated water section. A flood wall was built outside the station, and the Huoying Station was equipped with pedals. In the heavy rain on July 20, the staff set up a boardwalk to the subway in the rain.

Yu Lili, deputy station head of Huoying Station Area, Metro Line 13

From our subway company, one is to prepare for the fullness, including the anti-smashing spare parts here. I hope that if the passengers encounter the rainfall at the peak of the night, they will follow the arrangement of the staff and get the passengers in the raincoat to leave the station as soon as possible.

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