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The Sunroof Of The Car Is Forgotten. Good Neighbors Take The Plastic Wrap To Make A Raincoat.
Aug 02, 2018


If the car sunroof is not closed, get off the bus and go home.

In these two days, in the QQ group of “Car Home Dalian Sagitar Car Main Camp”, all the riders discussed the things that happened to one of the group members “Egypt”, and all the car owners came out from time to time. The admiration of the neighbors.

This is the case. In reality, the group friend "Egypt" is Mr. Chen of the Rui Shi Shangcheng Community. On the evening of the 18th, he stopped the car and went upstairs. He completely ignored the sunroof of the car. Mr. Chen said that he had to take a phone call to neglect at the time, and he said frankly that because he likes to open the skylight, it is often a matter of forgetting.

That night, he turned off his mobile phone and went to sleep. Until the next day, he saw multiple missed call reminders, flashing QQ messages and WeChat messages, only to know that many people were busy for him that night.

Contact the owner through the rider group

The busiest one was in the neighborhood of a community neighbor Yu Yang. When he went home at 10:30 that night, he noticed that there was a car sunroof still swaying. The weather was bad that day, and the rain would come down at night, so it was open, no. Filling the bag.

So Yu Yang intends to contact the owner, but there is no phone number in the obvious position in the car. At night, he can't yell or knock at the door.

It is pondering, Yu Yang found the left lower corner of the sagitar car, there is a sign that reads the words "Sagitar car main camp", and left a QQ number, Yu Yang wants to contact the owner through this QQ group.

When adding the group, it was already 11:16 in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the administrator had not rested. After Yu Yang explained the intention, the administrator said that the owner was indeed in this QQ group.

However, there are hundreds of riders in the QQ group, and it is not easy to find the license plate number in a short time. Fortunately, there is a number of 097 in the car sticker. Through this number, the administrator quickly found the contact information of the owner, Mr. Chen.

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